Wired Safety/Fire Rated Glass

Wired Glass has unique features especially for Educational Institutions and otherwise, Commercial Buildings and Residential Properties.

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Glass is readily available (ex-stock)

This type of glass can be cut to specific sizes as required by client for various uses.

Delta Glass Limited carries the brand Pilkington Pyroshield, which is the leading wired glass for fire-resistance.


It is readily available in 6mm thickness.

Finished color available is Clear Textured for privacy (obscure glass) 


The wire provides a positive visual sign that fire-resistant glass is present.

Enables fire hazards to be seen.

If hit with sufficient force the glass cracks but the glass remains held in place by the wire, reducing the risk of injury.

Wired Glass retains its color and strength for the life of the building, yet is as easily cleaned as conventional glass.

This safety glazing method rates this glass as a secure glazing tool for window and door units as it will restrict spread of flames and hot gases for up to 120 minutes when incorporated into a suitably tested frame.