Reflective Glass 

Glass with high reflectivity can create a stunning mirrored effect on the façade, offering a bright and vibrant appearance.


Reflective glass, also known as mirrored or one-way glass, is a specialized type of glass that has a thin metallic coating applied to its surface. This coating is designed to reflect light and reduce the amount of glare and heat that passes through the glass.


Solar Control: Reflective glass is designed to control solar heat by reflecting a significant portion of the sunlight away from the glass surface. This helps in reducing the amount of heat entering a building, thereby improving energy efficiency, and maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature.

Glare Reduction: The reflective coating on the glass helps in reducing glare caused by direct sunlight. This feature is particularly beneficial in areas where excessive sunlight can cause discomfort or hinder visibility.

Privacy: Reflective glass provides daytime privacy by creating a one-way mirror effect. It allows individuals inside the building to see outside while making it challenging for people outside to see into the interior. This makes it a popular choice for offices, residential spaces, and commercial buildings.

Aesthetic Appeal: The mirrored appearance of reflective glass contributes to the aesthetic appeal of buildings. It can give a modern and sleek look to structures, enhancing their overall design.