Sliding Windows Broad Stile- French / Non French Style



Similar to our regular sliding window, the broad stile unit is structured to form combinations of 2, 4 and 6 bypass panels within a masonry opening also. Systems which require additional panels can be ordered. Windows can be accommodated in masonry openings which measure up to 16' or more in width and up to 80” on the height. French style is done in a false system, making the glass appear to be many pieces.


Factory installed glass of Float, Laminated security, wired and reflective glass in thicknesses of, 5mm and 6mm can be accommodated in unit.


Extrusions are available in natural anodized, coffee bronze anodized and Kynar painted white finish. Other finishes can be done powder coated in accordance with the RAL color chart, upon customer request.


Unit is made up of panels, tracking system and hardware, which are all supplied with the completed product. Hardware is available in the same color as the aluminum finish of the window panels. Hardware consists of: rollers which are available in nylon, steel or brass copper and are adjustable to accommodate slight variances in masonry opening height. The units also consist off heavy duty hinges and handles for operation.


Enhances the interior and exteriors of architectural design.

Insect Screens are optional on the exterior of window combinations which work with a 2 pc. or 4 pc. tracking system. They slide on adjustable rollers and are easily removable for cleaning.

The bypass feature of panels allows for maximum ventilation.

Units can easily be integrated into Store Front or Partition systems.