Concord Swing Doors - French / Non French Design



Our swing door can be designed to open either inwards or outwards based on customer preferences. Additionally, we offer a unique French design featuring a faux French system where the glass pane gives the illusion of multiple separate pieces.


Factory installed glass of Float or Laminated security glass in thicknesses of 5mm and 6mm can be accommodated in this unit. High-quality hinges and hardware ensure smooth and effortless operation


Extrusions are available in Natural Anodized finish as well as Baked/Powder Coated White or Bronze Finish. Other finishes can be done Powder Coated in accordance with the RAL color chart, upon customer request.


This product, ideal for all models of buildings, offers a diversified range of features:

Enhances the interior and exteriors of architectural design.  Aluminum swing doors come in various designs, including single-leaf, double-leaf, and multi-panel configurations. They can be customized to fit different openings and architectural styles.

High resistance to weather, industrial and sea-coast atmosphere.

Low maintenance very easy to install.