Projection/ Awning Windows - French / Non French Style



This unit is structured to form a combination of vent windows within a masonry opening. These vents can be accommodated in masonry openings which measure up to 18” or more on the width and up to 48” on the height. Systems which require additional vents can be ordered and we offer various types of French design. One is called a False French system where the glass appears to be multiple pieces and the other is called a True French system, where the glass pane fits into the Frenching strips. 


Factory installed float glass in thicknesses of 4mm, 5mm and 6mm can be accommodated in unit.
All windows are fitted with 8” stainless steel hinge.


Extrusions are available in natural anodized, coffee bronze anodized finish and Kynar painted white finish. Other finishes can be done Powder Coated in accordance with the RAL color chart, upon customer request.


Hinge Mechanism: Projection or awning windows are characterized by their top-hinged design. They open outward from the bottom, creating an awning-like effect. This design allows for ventilation while providing protection from rain or direct sunlight.

Ventilation and Airflow: These windows are ideal for areas where consistent ventilation is desired. The top-hinged design allows them to be partially open even during light rain, providing airflow without letting water into the interior.

Weather Resistance: Awning aluminum windows are designed to be weather-resistant. The top-hinged configuration, coupled with proper sealing and weather stripping, helps prevent drafts, water infiltration, and the entry of debris, making them suitable for various weather conditions.


Aluminum Construction: The frames of these windows are typically made of aluminum, offering durability, low maintenance, and resistance to corrosion. Aluminum is also lightweight, allowing for easier operation of the windows.