Glass Rail Systems



Glass railings provide unobstructed views. Technological advancements have provided a cost-effective alternative which offers you stylish, durable and versatile designs. Most people think that glass is fragile and can easily shatter. However, in reality, it is an incredibly durable building material. In fact, depending on the grade of glass, it can be more durable than many metals; certainly stronger than wood. Glass is not susceptible to pests, molds, or deterioration due to rust.


Glass ages gradually, so the variations that take place over a certain period are hardly perceptible to the naked eye. The excellent longevity of the material makes your investment worthwhile because, with little maintenance and care, glass railings can last you for decades.

Non insect entry to your home or office.

Glass railing systems are safer. They protect against high winds and accidental falls, and stand up to extreme weather. This system can also be utilized as pool safety fencing, where they provide a ​    clear-view barrier that enhances the security of your ​    swimming pool.  

Easy to maintain. There is no worry of rust or decay. Termites and other insects usually infest wood, which makes the property unsafe for kids and pets. It is important to note that with glass railing systems, you eliminate the stress of routine maintenance. No painting, staining, or replacement of parts is required.