Laminated Safety Glass 

Laminated Glass has unique features especially for Educational Institutions and otherwise, Commercial Buildings and Residential Properties.

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Glass is readily available (ex-stock)

This type of glass can be cut to specific sizes as required by client for various uses.

Glass comprises of 2 layers of float glass, in a sandwich type arrangement.

Delta Glass Limited carries Laminated Glass produced using the Poly Vinyl Butyral (PVD) method.

PVB Laminated Glass is produced using heat and pressure process, sandwiching a flexible interlayer between layers of glass. Generally, the interlayer has a thickness 0.038mm.


It is readily available in 6mm, 10mm and 12mm. 

Finished colors available are Transwhite, Ford Blue, Clear, Grey & Bronze


  • Laminated Glass is usually glazed in an annealed form, which avoids the distortion caused by the “roller waves” in tempered and heat-strengthened glass.
  • Laminated Glass remains in frame, maintaining a protective envelope around the home or building to keep weather out and deter glass shards from flying.
  • Laminated Glass retains its color and strength for the life of the building, yet is as easily cleaned as conventional glass.
  • This safety glazing method rates this glass as a secure glazing tool for window and door units for hurricane winds.

Laminated Glass of various thickness and colors, as well as process methods is available from Delta Glass Limited to meet your specific requirements.