Louvre Frame Deluxe -  Glass



Louver frames are structures designed to hold louvers, which are angled blades. Louver systems are commonly used for various purposes, such as ventilation, privacy, light control, and aesthetic enhancement. These frames provide support and structure for the louvers, allowing them to be arranged in a way that meets specific functional or design requirements.


Extrusions are available in Natural or Bronze Anodized finish combined with bronze louver clips.


Delta provides handles that are an aluminum leaver type, which provides smooth operation and are factory installed.
Delta’s clips are riveted to actual frame for rigidity.
Brackets are available for mulling frames within a masonry opening.


Privacy: Louvers can be arranged to create a barrier that obstructs direct lines of sight. This makes louver frames suitable for applications where privacy is desired.

Light Control: The adjustable nature of louvers allows for control over the amount of light entering a space.

Sunshade: Louvers can be positioned to provide shading from direct sunlight, reducing heat and glare in interior spaces.