Sliding Doors Broad Stile - French / Non French Design



Aluminum broad stile sliding doors are a popular choice for modern and contemporary designs. These doors offer a range of features that make them attractive for both residential and commercial applications. Broad stiles refer to the vertical or horizontal framing elements of the door. Aluminum broad stile sliding doors typically have wider stiles, providing a bold and substantial appearance.


Unit is made up of panels, tracking system and hardware, which are all supplied with the completed product. Hardware is available in the same color as the aluminum finish of the window panels. Hardware consist of Rollers which are available in Nylon or steel and are adjustable to accommodate slight variances in masonry opening height.


Heavy-Duty Tracks and Rollers: These doors are equipped with robust tracks and rollers that can handle the weight of large and heavy door panels. This ensures smooth and easy operation even with substantial door sizes.

Weather Stripping: To enhance energy efficiency and protect against external elements, these doors typically include effective weather-stripping features. This helps in preventing drafts, water infiltration, and air leakage.

Locking Mechanisms: Heavy-duty sliding doors often come with advanced locking systems to ensure security.

Durable Finish: Aluminum sliding doors are usually coated with durable finishes, such as powder coating. This not only enhances the appearance but also provides protection against corrosion and wear.