Louvre Viking Security All Aluminium Window



The blades interlock along both views of the window.
The edges of the jambs are fitted with a weather strip as an air and water seal.
The operator bar, louvers blades are pneumatically riveted with aluminum shoulder rivets to jambs.
The louver blade has a curved cross section for strength and appearance and is 4” wide.


Extrusions are available in Kynar Painted White finish.


The heavy duty lever operator is of the helical gear and segment design, which provides smooth operation, maximum lifting power, positive locking, and eliminates back off. In the event of replacement, just remove the screws and E–ring and reinstall in same position.


This product, ideal for Educational Institutions, Commercial Buildings, Warehousing, Residential Properties and vehicular panels offers a diversified range of features:

Enhances the interior and exteriors of architectural design.

Secure in many ways while providing maximum ventilation.

Units are prefabricated, thus installation is quick and easy.