Victorian Bath Enclosures


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The bathroom enclosure provides your home with an elegant look and can be designed in various shapes and sizes to suite the customer request, it comes in various colors of acrylic material, this material is specially designed to not break very easily.  You also have the option of safety mirrors or laminated glass.

Type of Bathroom Enclosures

Two piece bypass – This is exactly what if says, it is two doors sliding pass each other on a straight aluminum track.

Two piece bypass and return panel (L-Shape) – This entails a two piece sliding door passing each other and one fixed panel to form the L Shape.

A swing door enclosure – This is an option that any design of bathroom can use. 


Laminated Glass is usually glazed in an annealed form, which avoids the distortion caused by the “roller waves” in tempered and heat-strengthened glass.

Laminated Glass remains in frame, maintaining a protective envelope around the home or building to keep weather out and deter glass shards from flying.

Laminated Glass retains its color and strength for the life of the building, yet is as easily cleaned as conventional glass.

This safety glazing method rates this glass as a secure glazing tool for window and door units for hurricane winds.

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Laminated Glass of various thickness and colors, as well as process methods is available from Delta Glass Limited to meet your specific requirements.