Customer Service


To ensure a high quality and completed job, we recommend our experienced Delta installers to complete your projects. Our installation fee includes delivery of supplies, labour of installers and any extra installation materials needed such as sealants, tools, etc. Our Fees vary depending on the location of your project. We are confident you will enjoy the look and function of your purchase!

Installation is scheduled after the payment for your project is made and your products ordered have come out from our factory. From here our sales team will contact you to schedule your installation and complete the project. However, for installation to occur, your space must be equipped with the following:

For windows – your openings must be leveled, plastered and smooth.

For Doors & Bathrooms – Leveled and tiled spaces to ensure the measurements for your bathroom enclosure are accurate.


We offer delivery services to various areas in Trinidad and Tobago. 

The delivery charges are based on the location, and each shipment is equivalent to a small van.

Site Visits

We recommend site visits if the customer doesn’t have measurements for their spaces or isn’t confident in the measurements they do have. 

However, if customers can provide us with pictures and details about their spaces before we visit, we’ll confirm and recommend ideal products to fit your vision.


If any damage is done to your products from Delta, you can quickly reach out to us with relevant information and photos, and our team will quote your repair cost and schedule a date that fits within your needs.