Automatic Sliding and Swing Doors



 Automatic doors have become increasingly popular in commercial and residential buildings due to their convenience, efficiency, and enhanced safety features. This door system features sophisticated technology, compact design & it offers excellent accessibility and capacity of an entrance or exit within a small opening.  


This product, ideal for all models of buildings, offers a diversified range of features:

Provides maximum entry width with minimum space.

They contribute to a more efficient and convenient building experience for users, while also ensuring the safety and security of individuals within the premises. 

Eliminates the need for manual operation. This feature is especially beneficial in high-traffic areas where frequent opening and closing can be tiring and time-consuming. Whether it's a shopping mall, hospital, hotel, or office building, automatic doors provide a seamless entry and exit experience for users.

One of the best aspects of modern automatic doors is their versatility. They can be combined with various activation devices like motion sensors, push buttons, or even touchless solutions for increased hygiene.